Are Your Competitions Legit?

Yes! perhaps unlike some shadier enterprises, we are actually a UK based, limited company registered with companies house (Thinkable Ltd –

Our competitions are above board. We guarantee that when more than one person answers our skill-based question correctly, a winner is selected at random using their chosen numbers.

Furthermore, our website is age-gated as we only permit entry from those aged 18 and over, and we only accept entry from UK residents.

We pay all shipping costs from prizes won (again, we’re only open to those in the UK and will not ship internationally).

Lastly, rest assured that should any competition fail to gain sufficient entries (the minimum entries stated on each competition page), then we will extend that competition a maximum of 3 times, and if it still fails to gain enough entries, a full refund will be given to all who entered and paid moneys.

How Do The Competitions Work?

Our competitions are a game of skill. To enter you must answer a skill-based question and select your chosen number(s).

When selecting a winner (once the competition has ended), if there is more than 1 winner selecting the correct answer, we will pick a winner 100% at random from the numbers that entrants selected.

How long does delivery take if I win?

We state in our terms, 28 days (from the point that a winner replies to us to confirm shipping information). HOWEVER, in reality, we aim to ship all prizes with 3 to 5 working days from the point the winner confirms their details with us, if not sooner.

Do I have to pay shipping costs if I win?

No! We cover the shipping costs (our competitions are only open to those in the UK).

How many times can I enter a contest?

You can enter a contest a maximum of 5 times.

Do you provide any warranty for prizes

All prizes are provided on an ‘as seen’ basis and no warranty is offered or implied.